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Article: Disney Lorcana on a Budget #3

Welcome back to another installment of Lorcana on a Budget! Now this one is quite on the same level of budget as our previous installments but for good reason. While we all love a super super cheap deck to use sometimes depending on archetype it's just not possible. Villains unfortunately are an archetype where you can’t go the cheapest and have to play some more pricey options on the deck. This deck will be the most expensive in the lineup so far, coming in currently at just under $100 USD. Now I know this may seem like a large jump, but this deck also gives some nice building blocks for every Emerald based deck so without further delay let's jump into it!

Amber/Emerald Villain Discard

First the 1 Costs:

Now the 1 cost cards in these decks are usually self-explanatory: Control early drop momentum and convert into late game ink. In this case Duke of Weselton actually gives us an added bonus of being a villain so he gives out late game Hades extra lore potential just by being on the board! Always a pls when a 1 drop does more than be cannon fodder in the end game.

2 Costs:

Flynn Rider might just be the best in slot 2 drop in green with a very solid ability and the fact he quests for 2. His ability to Discard also helps this deck as one of our goals is to drain out opponents' hand as quickly as possible to deny them plays and attempt to starve them of valuable resources for their ink well. Cruella is a solid 2 drop for this deck especially as a lot of opponents will forget she can bounce a character and so they waste their turn to dispose of her and then their character goes right back to hand. Combine this with one of our discard effects like Sudden Chill and you eliminate potential threats and resources. She is also a Villain as well so just like Duke she allows out Hades to quest for more in the later game! Sudden Chill is a singable Discard action. No more needs to be explained for this one as it's an easily playable discard spell. Be Our Guest allows you to search the top 4 of your deck for a character and place it in your hand. It's also singable soit's easy to case.

3 Costs:

Cheshire Cat is one of the best 3 drop characters in the game as a solid 2 lore questing character that also banishes a character when challenged and defeated. Not much more to say on its front. Mother Knows Best is similar to Cruella in it bounces a Character to hand. You can do this to just set your opponent back a turn off to combine it with a discard card to deal with something problematic. Also, with it being singable it can be a free spell to keep the tempo up against your opponent.


4 Costs:

Hans is just one of the best 4 drops in the game. While he has no effect, he quests for 3 and usually at this point in the game your opponent won't have a way to deal with him easily as most of the games removal spells that can just out right get rid of him are 5 costs. Add the Villain/Hades logic to this one and he is a real monster your opponent will want to deal with. Hades – Lord of the Underworld is a solid 4 drop villain. It's not the greatest questing source but he allows you to cycle characters from your discard pile. Also, if he is in play, you can turn 6 shifts into your Hades – King of Olympus and potentially swing for a large lore gain quickly. You Have Forgotten Me is one of the best Discard actions in the game. Its inkable if not needed and when you play it tends to put your opponent on the back foot and have them playing from behind. Very solid in a deck built around hand control.

5 Costs:

Unfortunately in this color combination we don’t have a solid Villain at 5 but one of the all-around best options that doesn’t break the bank is our friend Mad Hatter! He quests for 3, draws a card when challenged, and is inkable. Very niceoption. If you have the extra to put in this deck you can also exchange him out for Kuzco but that would put us over the $100 dollar mark so for now we omit him from this build.

6 costs:

Lady Tremaine is a 6 drop that can return an action to your hand. She isn’t the best villain we could be playing here as we would much rather be playing John Silver here but in the interest of not completely breaking our bank she suffices and can give us back things like Mother Knows Best and You Have Forgotten Me. Mother Gothel is one of the best 6 drops in the game. She quests for 2, has a great defense total, is a Villain for our purposes, and any time she is exerted your opponent can’t quest. She is in my honest opinion a staple in Emerald decks and is worth the 4 slots she takes up.

7 Cost Cards:

No solid 7 cost cards we can play at this time that helps us and is cost efficient.

8 Cost Cards:

Now for the big boss of the deck! HADES – KING OF OLYMPUS! Hades is a very fun card that can swing for some big lore as he gains an extra lore for every Villain you control in play. He also shifts for 6 so he can be played on 6 if you’ve put one of your 4 drop Hades into play. Shifting allows you to quest immediately or challenge so this can be very advantageous to your situation! He is our boss character in this deck and one of the most pivotal characters so always look to get him into play as soon as possible.

This deck is a fun little control deck that seeks to starve your opponent’s resources and lore for big! While it's not the cheapest budget option we could be playing it's very much still in the sub $100 range and very nice with some extremely solid building blocks!

Thank you once again for your time and as always Lumineers keep your inkwell full!

Chris Howie

TopDeckTCG Disney Lorcana Writer Since September 2023

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