Blaster Deck Profile

BlueVsOrange TCG is here with a battle deck profile. Today we take a look at a revamped Blaster deck from the new Soundwave/Blaster structure deck by Wizards of the Coast! We decided to stick with the heavy aggro theme that Blaster gave off, and we weren't disappointed!



Grenade Launcher x3

Erratic Lightning x2

Power Punch x1

Enforcement Batons x1

Improvised Shield x3

Scrapper Gauntlets x2

Bashing Shield x2

Force Field x3

Inner Groove x1


Peace Through Tyranny x3

Quartermaster x2

Supercharge x3

Ramming Speed x3

Work Overtime x2

Reckless Charge x2

Press the Advantage x1

Scavange the Battlefield x1

Daring Counterattack x3

Recover Cassette x2


Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend

Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime x1

Steamroll x2

One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall x2

Press the Advantage x2

Power Punch x1

Zap x2

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