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Bombshell VS Menasor!

In today's video Powered by Primus has Wave 2 Bombshell flying into battle against Menasor! Can he really discard 25 cards to be able to K.O. a combiner?? Well guess you'll have to watch to find out! Enjoy!

Bombshell Decklist:


3 handheld blaster

3 reinforced plating

2 sparing gear

2 data bank

3 field communicator

2 enforcement batons


3 security checkpoint

2 work overtime

2 the bigger they are...

3 pep talk

2 espionage

2 leap of faith

2 universal network access

3 ancient wisdom

3 unleash potential

3 brainstorm

YouTube:  Powered by Primus

Instagram:  @powered_by_primus



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