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Budget Builds - "Blue Car Defense"

Transformers TCG Deck Techs is dedicated to creating fun and innovative decks for all players to try! Have fun, above all else.

In today's video Transformers TCG Deck Tech has a budget deck. Play defense, pierce their armor, and burn rubber!

Flamewar/Bumblebee BW/Dead End/Autobot Hot Rod

3x Reinforced Plating

2x Sparring Gear

2x Security Console

2x Noble's Blaster

2x Scoundrel's Blaster

3x Piercing Blaster

3x Surprise Attack

3x Armed Hovercraft

3x Underhanded Tactics

3x Plasma Burst

3x Turbo Boosters

3x Start Your Engines

2x Universal Network Access

3x Vaporize

3x Handheld Blaster

YouTube: Transformers TCG Deck Techs



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