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King Starscream VS Blue Bugs

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Welcome back everyone and in today's video Powered by Primus is trying out our new and improved Starscream deck! Its battling against a blue bugs deck featuring Venin! We're going head to head in this best of 3 match to see if the King can stay on top, or if he'll get dethroned.....

Starscream deck list:


1 energon axe

2 force field

3 security console

3 handheld blaster

3 decepticon crown

3 mining pick

3 reinforced plating


2 espionage

3 treasure hunt

3 security checkpoint

3 incoming transmission

3 vaporize

3 swindled

2 universal network access

3 roll out

Instagram:  @powered_by_primus


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