Sentinel Deck Profile

Lets roll out with SDoTAkuma1921 for another Transformers TCG Deck Profile! In this video you'll find his the full Undefeated Sentinel list he used at Top Deck Games in Collingswood NJ back on 4/20. Also expect some tips regarding the deck's worse matchup, Insecticon, followed by two examples of using Peace Through Tyranny, as well as tips for the mirror match!

Round 1~ Dinobots(Anthony): 2-0

Round 2~Aerialbots (Vin of Vector): 2-1

Round 3~ Sentinel (Mark of Vector): 2-1

Round 4~ Sentinel (Dan of Vector): 2-1

Round 5~ Insecticon (Jon of Vector): 2-1 (Agreed to tie prior)

Top 8~ Metroplex: Win by default.

Player had to bounce for personal reasons.

Top 4~ Split

Overall: 5-0-1

YouTube:  SDoTAkuma1921


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