Sergeant Cog vs Ultra Magnus

In today's video Powered by Primus will be trying out Sergeant COG. Kevin Flack just won and Energon Invitational with this team (I run a similar list) and wanted to try it out. Ill be taking COG into battle against Jetfire and Ultra Magnus. Will I be able to get COG online in time or will the dynamic duo rain on my parade? Find out now in this best of 3!



Sergeant Cog

Chop Shop


3 erratic lightning

2 flamethrower

3 grenade launcher

3 power punch armor

3 bashing shield

3 forcefield

3 improvised shield


3 matrix

2 turbo booster


3 peace through tyranny

3 ramming speed

3 reckless charge

3 supercharge

3 rollout

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Instagram:  @powered_by_primus



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