The Jank Lab - "Covert Cat"

I'M BACK! It has been too long. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Do you like secrets? Do you like big damage attacks? Do you like playing defense in a different, more versatile way? Check out "Covert Cat"!

The Jank Lab is dedicated to creating fun and innovative decks for all players to try! Have fun, above all else. "It's only JANK, until it's META!"

Decepticon Pounce

Private Firedrive



3x Step Forward

3x Hiding Spot

2x End Hostilities

2x Hold The Line

3x Stable Cover

3x Sabotaged Armaments

3x Hidden Fortification

2x Even The Score

3x Backfire

3x Spymaster's Ruse

3x Anticipation Engine

3x Sturdy Javelin

3x Fusion Borer

2x Energon Axe

1x Scoundrel's Blaster

1x Point Position

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