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The Jankyard: Firecon Deck Tech

Good day everyone and welcome back to Matafer! In today's video Matafer has his newest creation, We Didn't Start The Fire - a Firecon Deck Tech!

We Didn't Start The Fire:


1x Full Loadout

3x Peace Through Tyranny

1x Ramming Speed

3x Roll Out

3x Scavenge the Battlefield

3x Supercharge

3x Swindled

3x Treasure Hunt


2x Bashing Shield

3x Firecon Flame

3x Flamewar 3x Force Field

3x Grenade Launcher

3x Improvised Shield

3x Power Punch


1x Thrust

3x Emergency Defense Shield

1x Enforcement Batons

1x Espionage

3x Heat of Battle

2x Ramming Speed

YouTube:  Matafer

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