Wave 1 Shockwave Deck (Breakdown and Gameplay!)

In today's video Powered by Primus is showing off a Wave 1 Shockwave deck sent to me for fixing. I will be showing off the deck, how it performers and it a game. It is a fun list that uses cards to control you opponents hand makes them take damage in the process. Hope you enjoy! (sorry for the glare....)

Deck List:


3 field communicator

3 gamma launcher

2 evasive maneuvers

2 blast shield

2 handheld blaster

2 scroundrel's blaster

1 energon axe


3 system reboot

3 security checkpoint

3 reclaim

3 battlefield report

2 disruptive entrance

2 underhanded tactics

2 vaporize

2 espionage

2 escape route

2 brainstorm

1 smelt

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