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A Renewed Hope

Star Wars: Destiny is a customizable card and dice game created by Fantasy Flight Games in 2016 that lets players reenact battles between their favorite iconic Star Wars characters in a game of fast paced, deeply strategic action. In early 2020, Fantasy Flight announced that they would be discontinuing support for the game, and while the playerbase was disappointed, this would be far from the end. In an effort to keep the game alive, a group of players got together to organize a player’s committee that would take the lead in future development and organization for Star Wars: Destiny, and as a result, A Renewed Hope was born.

A Renewed Hope is comprised of a group of passionate, dedicated fans of Star Wars: Destiny committed to ensuring the continued support of the game they love. We come from all walks of life and all over the world, but we all share the same goal: To bring our favorite game to as many players as possible while keeping the game fun and exciting.

The result of this work is a full organization of people contributing in different ways from balancing/designing cards, to organizing events and tournaments, to creating art and templating the cards themselves. A project of this magnitude takes a large amount of effort, and every one of those who contributes their time make it all possible.

A Renewed Hope is a non-profit group. We create digital card sets and stickers for players to use at their leisure and make them freely available to anyone who wants to play.


Below you’ll find links to download the full set of cards included in the A Renewed Hope sets. These sheets are arranged in a way to make it as easy as possible to print and play! 


Note: These cards are completely free to anyone who wants to play with them.

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