Character Quest Minimus Ambus - Part 1 First Draft! | ATP | Transformers TCG

Welcome to BlueVsOrange TCG! Hey folks! Guess what, we got ourselves back with another character quest! Last time in ATP-3 we were focusing on SnapDragon, but this time around we are going to be doing a character in ATP-5 and that character is Minimus Ambus! Expect a whole lot of talk about Wreckers and Legends, cause this guy arising into Ultra Magnus creates a lot of really really interesting choices in deck building that I learned just by going through our very first draft! But the best part is that I am not doing this series alone. Cameron from Arbitrary Hero is going to be joining me in his own character quest featuring his own series: Dumb Deck Days! Super excited to see where this goes, we have a blue leaning aggro list to start off with here in this first part. Expect some gameplay videos or streams to go up later this week!

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