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How To Destiny Deck Tech: Qui-Gon/Ahsoka | Star Wars Destiny

Welcome to On the Sensors! On the Sensors brings you a deck overview as part of the How to Destiny series. Gain insight into team building, card selection and tactics for a competitive and fun deck and see how you can apply these same tips to your decks! This week The86 takes through his version of Qui-Gon and Ahsoka: This deck is designed to use shields to ramp and play upgrades. Once Jar Kai is on Qui-Gon he can have up to 6 upgrades making the apt/lesson fatal blow combo potent up to 10 damage. Resolve shields so you can PA. Ahsoka with knighthood for quick shields and play upgrades fast. Make sure to protect Qui-Gon with shields until you have a roll to cause high damage.

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