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Maz's Vault Ep 60 | Star Wars Destiny

Join Echobase for some Star Wars Destiny! .

In this series we play a randomly determined ARH Character or Plot. We'll spin the selection wheel at various intervals along the way after a game to get the next items that we are to play. Joining me again today is DJClero.

In today's game we have Leia Organa (SA) vs Chirrut Imwe

I wanted to come up with something different that definitely wasn't mill. I decide let's use Leia's ability on my own deck to play as many big supports as possible. Usually that results in a three wide deck but I go with a two wide using Mon Mothma and giving me enough room for Profitable Connection.

DJ follows an unorthodox route pairing Chirrut Imwe with Aayla Secura (DP) which when you think of the Clone Trooper die shes brings gives both ranged and melee base sides for Chirrut's modifiers. It also gives space for some Flexible Leadership.

Let's go inside the Vault and see what happens.

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