Cantina Brawl Ep 1: Favorites from Across the Galaxy

Welcome to the first episode of Cantina Brawl: A Star Wars Destiny Podcast from T3 Gaming! Your hosts Symbio, Niftynick, Kuni and Nathan talk about our favorite cards so far from Across The Galaxy. Our goal with Cantina Brawl is to produce topic based episodes that will tend to be on the shorter side 30-45 minutes. We want to share our thoughts and ideas about many different aspects of playing this game from reviewing cards, decks and talking about formats, play styles and more. We will be catering to an audience of both casual and competitive players. We wont be covering Star Wars Destiny news or tournament results as there are many great content creators already covering those topics. T3 Gaming is a group of friends based in Chico, California who love tabletop games and mostly cover Star Wars: Destiny and Star Wars: X-Wing. We regularly upload IRL (In Real Life) gameplay videos, unboxings and analysis.

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