Transformers TCG Deck Techs - "Skywarp's Lazarus" UPDATE!

Transformers TCG Deck Techs is dedicated to creating fun and innovative decks for all players to try! Have fun, above all else.

Due to popular demand, I have updated Skywarp's Lazarus! My first deck got an overhaul. After playtesting this deck like crazy, I think I've found the best possible version of this deck. Try it out!

Skywarp 2


Wheeljack 1

3x I Still Function

2x EM24 IR Laser Launcher

1x Steamroll

3x Erratic Lightning

3x Grenade Launcher

3x Power Punch

3x Reckless Charge

3x Supercharge

3x Treasure Hunt

2x Incoming Transmission

3x Force Field

2x Bashing Shield

3x Field Communicator

3x Peace Through Tyranny

3x Improvised Shield


Insecticon Skrapnel

2x Bolt of Lightning

2x Enforcement Batons

2x Ramming Speed

2x W-5 Gyro Blaster

2x Hiding Spot

YouTube: Transformers TCG Deck Techs



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