Devastator vs Predaking

In today's video Powered by Primus has brought back some combiners with some Wave 3 updates! They will be clashing in this head to head to see who is the last one standing! Will I be able to get the tower built in time to tower over Predaking? Or will he and his 5 weapon slots be to much to take? Find out NOW!

Devastator Decklist


1 bashing shield

1 enforcement batons

2 erratic lightning

3 erratic energy grenade

3 power punch

3 improvised shield

3 grenade launcher


2 incoming transmission

2 treasure hunt

1 ramming speed

3 system reboot

3 peace through tyranny

3 supercharge

1 constructicon enigma

3 frag toss

3 reckless charge

3 reclaim

YouTube:  Powered by Primus

Instagram:  @powered_by_primus



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