eMaz & Rey & Snap - Store Championship

Joe Alves winner of the recent X-Wars event in Florida had the chance to play in a Store Championship event on Sunday July 9th, Here is his winning decklist and report from the day!

Round 1

eRey/eQui-gon - Win

Great guy and he did really well on the previous day playing Poe/Maz. He wins battlefield and chooses my battlefield for shields. I start with ambush on Rey, speed and choke him turn one. I proceed to fair trade turn 2 and I was then ramped up to 4 upgrades which really set me ahead of him. I put decent damage on Rey. He makes a comeback with a vibroknife on turn 3 killing off my Maz but I then had too much out and I manage to take it in the end as his Rey had the bulk of his upgrades with no redeploys.

Round 2

eKylo Ren/eDarth Vader (SoR) - Win

A great player who was on fire! His Vader consistently rolled out special + damage. He won die roll and chose his battlefield Emperor's Throne Room which gave my Maz 2 shields. It was race, him trying to kill Maz and me trying to keep her alive while ramping. Lightsaber and Bowcaster were MVP s in this match as I was able to cheat actions and always claim for the extra 2 damage + planetaries. Maz survived the onslaught after I put 3 shields + second chance, he changed target and went for Rey who died followed by Snap. But Lightsaber and Bowcaster went to Maz and she was able to finish Kylo off. Great close match, I wasn't rolling very well on this match and my team mates were all worried.

Round 3

eVader/Raider - Loss

He opened up with, FH, Speed and Vibroknife on Vader. We went at it and it was a slug fest. He exploded on Maz with strikes, Bait and switch and force lightnings, and the hag held on with second chances and shields. She ended up dying turn 4 and I had two planetary uprisings out. It was a very close match at the end where he rolled out vader got force speed special and killed snap. I claimed leaving both his characters at 2 life. He played a force illusion which stopped me from claiming and killing him next round. He God rolled and finished Rey. Very nice match but not a very friendly guy.

Round 4

eDarth Vader (SoR)/FN-2199 - Win

This was a very interesting match where I was really able to control my opponent the whole match. I was able to choke and ramp crazy quick and the lack of money stopped him from resolving tons of damage. Frozen wastes also hurt him immensely. He was shocked at the deck and only killed Maz turn 5 where I proceeded to finish him off.

Round 5

ePoe/eMaz - Win

This was an interesting match which is normally much closer than it was. He won battlefield and chose mine to get shields. FW. I start out and vibro + speed + fair trade and I follow with a Planetary. Turn 2 I am able to get Rey Staff and another Planetary. My opponent rolled out well getting at least one Poe special per round but 2 planetary uprisings every round really ate him up.

Top 8

eLuke/Rey - Win

Great player who knew what he was doing. He wins battlefield and wisely goes first. Starship. Luckily for me this battlefield helps me a lot as well. We both play into ambush weapons and he does 9 damage turn one onto Rey who had vibroknife + speed. I manage to get a one with the force on her and deal a massive 7 to his Rey finishing her off before my Rey falls. He kills snap and Maz is left with second chance at this point. I then play 2 planetary uprisings after we swing at each other and Luke falls to double claim of Planetary + Maz damage. Very close match and if he goes after Maz in the beginning it could have gone his way cause it took me a while to find second chance. A great player though!

Top 4

ePoe/eMaz - Win

He wins the die roll and takes shields on my FW. I play planetary, fair trade, another planetary on turn one, caution 3 shields on Maz. My opponent starts off with hit and run and does 7 to my Maz. Turn 2 he plays planetary, rolls out Poe, I play DL 44 remove one of his dice roll out first action, Loth cat second one. I smash his maz for 5. She claims early I deal 2 damage to snap. Then I proceed to play second chance on my Maz and it was all downhill for him then. I was faster then he was at claiming and the 4 damage from planetaries plus whatever I could muster from my upgrades was too much for Poe. He had to jump most of his turn to claim and not get hit by the 4 damage, and I proceeded to ramp up to owtf and Bowcaster for the win. Really great guy and he was super stoked with my deck.


eDarth Vader/Tusken Raider - Win

These matches were streamed and we played a best of 3. Game one I had a very explosive round one with, Speed + Speed + holdout blaster + fair trade and resources into Bowcaster. I couldn't roll anything good for a turn, but after that I consistently hit his Vader for about 5 to 6 damage a turn. His Vader was fully equipped with speed, vibro and fast hands. He made short work of Maz after a double deflect turn. saving himself from 6 damage. I few mistakes were made in our matches and I apologize to my opponent if any mistakes were made in my part. The one I caught was drawing into six cards which I immediately presented myself and told him we could settle it as he wished. He was very cool about it and just let me shuffle the last drawn card into deck. The match was very fast paced and I think me and him made a few mistakes. Props to him for being a great player and a great sport. In the end of match one I have his Vader dead, he plays force illusion which buys him another turn. He does 5 to my snap before his Vader dies so I have a 3 life snap a 1 life Rey facing a Tusken with 2 damage with force lightning, fast hands and holocron I believe. He rolls out kills Rey and plays holocron special into a force illusion. I claim removing Tuskens last die, dealing 2 from planetary and claim again to win. Game two he rolls really bad, but I mean really bad. So I won that and again my opponent was great after rolling horribly.

So a lot of luck in the finals as that isn' t a great match up for the deck. It is part of the game. The same luck went the other way the day before putting me out of top 8. But all my opponents were awesome, and the event was very well organized. I highly recommend to anybody thinking of going in the future.

Mvps: Planetary uprising, Maz and redeploy for the win!

Cards I am considering reducing or cutting:

Electroshock, Heroism, Rey's Staff, Maz's Goggles (for more redeploys, overconfidence, flank)

The Frozen wastes was a meta call which paid off as in most of my matches there was always a powerful die to remove and when they did they got to remove Rey or Snap which was fine with me.


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