Jank It Up, Fuzzball Ep 20: Clawdites are Shifty


Jank It Up, Fuzzball Ep 20: Clawdites are Shifty

I’m back after a brief hiatus to discuss some of my recent experiences with Star Wars Destiny! My buddy Greg bought his own box of Spark of Hope, and he was generous enough to let us play a sealed event with half the box before cracking into the remaining 18 packs. How were his pulls, and how does his box stack up to mine? (Spoiler: I’m a bit jealous.) Then, I discuss ideas for teching against the awesome Ewok deck that Mike Gemme piloted to the North American Championship at Gen Con. If an Ewokalypse showed up in my personal meta, would I be prepared? Finally, we crack a pack as we always do, and this episode’s booster was provided by Entourage Gaming! Stick around to the end for details on how to enter a Jank sticker giveaway!

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