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Knights of Ren 505 - Legacies

Knights of Ren 505 - Legacies

Star Wars Destiny regionals are in full swing and Legacies is finally legal across the board. When we started with Empire at War things were a little rocky. Now we have hope for Destiny to grow and the community to discover many new ways to play the game. But to get to that point we have to remember where we came from to figure out where we are going. This week we are joined by Pearl Yeti, Agent of Zion, Tacster, Elrathion, Hexen, Zach Bunn, Eric Wainright, Andrew Larcher, Shane (the Omaha regional winner), Jason and Nick (the team that won the Portland regional) to tell the story of Empire at War handing off the baton to Legacies.


Knights of Ren 505

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