Knights of Ren 506 - What If He Doesn't Survive?

Knights of Ren 506 - What If He Doesn't Survive?

Star Wars Destiny regionals have been going non stop and we have a LOT to discuss this week. Nick recaps his regional as does Sugi. We talk about the Boba/7th Sister deck that was the most represented deck in Miami and what the Miami team is doing with it. Todd and Rick talk about their spot gloss tournament and the eYoda/eRieekan mill deck that beat out Chewie/Yoda to take the win. And a HUGE shoutout to Jackalmen Games for their help doing deck profiles with Tarkin/Talzin, Hero Vehicles, Boba/7th Sister and Obi/Maz at the Miami regional with the top 8 decks and pilots.

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