Menasor 2.0 Deck Tech

Good day everyone and welcome back to Matafer! After weeks of playtesting at events and with friends, this is my updated list for Menasor; Version 2.0 deck tech. I go over strategy, card interaction, and overall how the deck plays out. Feel free to let me know what you think down in the comments down below!

Deck List


2x Heavy Handed (R)

2x Inferno Breath (R)

2x Inspiring Leadership (C)

3x Leap Into Battle (C)

3x Ramming Speed (U)

2x Stunticon Enigma (U)

3x Surprise Attack (U)

3x The Bigger They Are (R)

2x Treasure Hunt (U)


3x Energon Axe (R)

3x Energon Slingshot (C)

1x Enforcement Batons (C)

3x Force Field (C)

3x Grenade Launcher (U)

1x Scoundrel's Blaster (U)

2x Sparring Gear (U)

1x Stunticon Swagger (R)

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