Optimus Maximus VS Twin Primes

Welcome back everyone and in today's video Powered by Primus is showing us round 1 of their weekly get together. Its Optimus Maximus VS Twin Primes, I lost to this list last week so here is my chance for redemption! Can I combine in time to take out these 2 monsters or will the sentinels get ran over? Find out now!

Deck list:


2 nobles blaster

3 matrix of leadership

3 combat commands

3 force field

3 powersword


3 roll out

2 vaporize

2 ramming speed

2 sentinel enigma

3 heavy handed

3 confidence

3 press the advantage

3 espionage

3 supercharge

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Instagram:  @powered_by_primus

Email: poweredbyprimus@gmail.com



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