The Jank Lab - "Optisix Prime"

Have you always wanted a titan-sized Optimus Prime? Check out this deck created by Stephanie Studebaker! The Jank Lab is dedicated to creating fun and innovative decks for all players to try! Have fun, above all else. "It's only JANK, until it's META!"

Optimus Prime, Legendary Warrior


Sergeant Six-Gun

More Guns

3x Grenade Launcher

3x Master Sword

3x Fusion Borer

3x Crystal of Power

3x RR Disruptor Blade

2x Energon Axe

3x Armed Hovercraft

3x Sturdy Javelin

1x Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime

3x Energy Pack

2x Point Position

3x Scouting Mission

2x System Reboot

3x Steady Shot

3x Heavy-Handed

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