The Jank Lab - "Vaccination"

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Ratchet has a few bugs. Could this be a good thing? Let's find out!

Specialist Ratchet

Sergeant Skrapnel

Chop Shop

1x Medic!

3x Salvage for Parts

3x Swarm 3x Drill Arms

3x Energon Slingshot

3x Grenade Launcher

2x Energon Axe

1x Noble's Blaster

1x Scoundrel's Blaster

3x Extra Padding

2x Sparring Gear

2x Universal Network Access

2x Pep Talk 2x Escape Route

3x Field Communicator

3x Security Checkpoint

3x Handheld Blaster


Insecticon Skrapnel

1x Universal Network Access

3x Infiltrate

2x Dampening Field

2x Enforcement Batons

2x Covert Armor

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