The Jank Lab - "Wreck 'N Rule Special"

The Jank Lab is dedicated to creating fun and innovative decks for all players to try! Have fun, above all else. "It's only JANK, until it's META!"

Check out the modified deck that I submitted to Wreck 'N Rule! The deck is much better now that Joe made the changes, and played the deck in a video series.

Raider Aimless / Demolisher / Barrage / Kickback

3x Armed Hovercraft

2x Energon Slingshot

2x Laser Cutlass

2x Scoundrel's Blaster

2x Inverted

3x Marksmanship

2x Underhanded Tactics

2x Frag Toss

2x The Bigger They Are...

3x Steady Shot

3x Smoke Cloak

3x Security Checkpoint

3x Handheld Blaster

2x Bravery

1x Heroism

3x Quartermaster

2x Pep Talk


Chop Shop

1x Energon Slingshot

3x Drill Arms

3x Grenade Launcher

3x Swarm

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