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The Jankyard: Lets Make Inferno Playable!

Good day everyone and welcome back to Matafer! In today's video Matafer tries to make Inferno playable!


Brave Warrior Inferno

Fearless Firefighter Private Firedrive


3x Battlefield Report

3x Hiding Spot

3x Quartermaster

3x Security Checkpoint

1x Smelt

3x Team-Up Tactics

2x Treasure Hunt

2x Work Overtime


3x Armed Hovercraft

2x Energon Axe

3x Energy Pack

3x Handheld Blasters

2x Matrix of Leadership

2x Nobles Blaster

3x Reinforced Plating

1x Spare Parts

1x Sparring Gear


Hotrod, Impulsive Fighter

1x Disruptive Entrance

1x Espionage

1x Forcefield

2x Infiltrate

2x Dampening Field

3x Photon Bomb

YouTube:  Matafer


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