Transformers TCG: Orange & Black Control Deck Profile

Hey everybody! Christian is here today talking about his first wave 5 event that he participated in that was completely done online. He managed to make top 8 with the deck he ran, so definitely sit back and check out what he ran at this onset wave 5 event!

Horri-Bull Ground Trooper


Fangry Sky Tracker


Chromedome Computer Programmer Kreb

3 Camien Crash

1 Counterespionage

3 Fusion Borer

2 Hold the Line

3 Magnetic Dysfunction Ray

3 Peace through Tyranny

1 Reprocess 3 Escape Capsule

3 Fight For Position

1 Backup Beam

3 Power Punch

1 Bashing Shield

2 Increased Durability

1 Hiding Spot

2 Precision Fire

1 Pocket Processor

3 Grenade Launcher

1 Belligerence

1 Scoundrel's Blaster

2 Enhanced Power Cell


1 Apex

1 Battlefield Scan

1 Spy Satellite Uplink

1 Counterespionage

2 Belligerence

2 Supporting Fire

1 Lose the Initiative

1 Reflect Damage

1 Hold the Line

YouTube:  BlueVsOrange TCG




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